June 16, 2024
SD Maid Pro APK Crack 5.5.9 + Keygen [Latest] Download 2023

SD Maid Pro APK Crack 5.5.9 + Keygen [Latest] Download 2023

SD Maid Pro APK Crack 5.5.9 + Serial Key Download 2023

SD Maid Pro APK Crack 5.5.9 + Keygen [Latest] Download 2023

SD Maid Pro Crack is an app that looks for all of the garbage that you have accumulated on your smartphone over time to clean the unnecessary sections and free up space on your phone. It finds things in places that you would never have imagined. This maintenance suite is quite full-featured. The tools include a focus on tasks ranging from eliminating duplicated files (in the paid Pro version) to exploring temporary files or searching for ‘cadavers’ that are no longer being used. Tools like CorpseFinder, SystemCleaner, and Duplicates, are displayed, by just clicking on them you can do whatever you want.SD Maid Pro Unlocker APK is not as flashy as the other tools. It is all about your performance, so you don’t have to look good. 1 million users on Google Play have proven it. You don’t see any great colors, but the features are clean and easy to use.

SD Maid Pro Keygen is the most advanced cleaner app with a simple user interface that will help to navigate all features easily and create more room by deleting duplicates, leftovers by uninstalled apps, and unwanted files. Meanwhile, it helps in system-wide things if you have proper root access.SD Maid Pro Cracked APK will help you to keep your device clean and tidy! Furthermore, the SD Maid unlocker app unlocks the pro version to enable all extra features. It offers a set of tools for managing applications and files. This is not a standalone application. I still need to install the free version of SD Maid. Works with any Android device and any storage it can access. It can do almost anything, but it may require some adjustments. With monochromatic color, it makes the user comfortable and not annoyed. Right on the app’s home page, you’ll see many functions organized in the same way as a simple checklist written on paper.

SD Maid Pro Serial Key is a handy tool for Android users that can clean things, slowing down the phone. Some people even say “SD Maid Pro-Unlocker” makes their device more compatible with the included features. One for all Android smartphone users. The inevitable problem is that it gets slower. This is one of the issues that makes it more annoying, but when users do nothing, they have a challenging experience. Even if you only use simple accessories for your smartphone, it might be a little annoying, but it can present a considerable obstacle for gamers. SD Maid Pro Cracked Apk Download is an application and file management tool that helps you organize your device! This app unlocks “Pro” status in the accessible version of SD Maid and enables all other features. This is not a standalone application. I still need to install the accessible version of SD Maid. If you have any questions, I have no problem with fast dispatch.

SD Maid Pro APK Crack 5.5.9 + Keygen [Latest] Download 2023

Key Features:

  • Explorer is a complete file manager, use it to track your Androids files.
  • You can use Finder if you know which file you are looking for.
  • CorpseFinder searches your device for orphaned items and compares them with the list of installed apps.
  • AppControl allows you to freeze, reset, and delete apps (even system apps).
  • Furthermore, SystemCleaner scans your device and filters directories with unnecessary files. You can even create your filters!
  • You can optimize and shrink overloaded databases to speed up access and free up space.
  • See your largest files and see what’s taking up all the space.
  • Check for files that have changed in the last X minutes.
  • And Much more.

Advance Features:

  • Use the full file browser to browse your device and edit files thoroughly.
  • Remove redundant files from the system.
  • Manage installed users and system applications.
  • Detect files from a program that has not been previously uninstalled.
  • Search for files by name, content, or date.
  • Learn more about device storage.
  • Database additions.
  • Clean up the current application and delete persistent files. These files replace what others call the cache.
  • Look for duplicate copies of photos, music, or documents, regardless of name or location.
  • Drive the car automatically via schedule or car.

What’s New in this Version?


  • General dependency updates.
  • Update the cluster database.
  • Translations.

Fixed minor UI issues.

  • Changed: Android min API level from 16(4.1) to 21 (5.0). This means that the latest version for Android 4.1 to 4.4 is SD Maid v5.5.17
  • Changed: Raised target API level to 29(Android 10) to improve compatibility with Android 10.


  • Fixed: Crash when using nested exclusions (#3952).


  • Improved: Updated filters for hidden cache, recycle bins files, and bug reporting files.
  • Fixed: ACS Matching on Android 11 Pixel devices (#3939).

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