February 21, 2024

I Hooked Up Using My Ex… Now What?

Gamble podcast episode


Maggie made a boo boo…

hooked up together with her old boyfriend
before the guy invested in the lady…

I know…

I Am Aware…

Fortunately on her the old boyfriend healing family is actually thrilled to simply take the woman scenario on and since i’m the patriarch of the family i suppose it is around us to just take that task on, huh?

Ok, not a problem!

I think We put together a fairly good game plan on her behalf inside event.

Are you able to inform that i’m happy with myself for your advice within episode?

Well, Im!

1st however, lets do a fast rundown of Maggie’s scenario,

  • She ended up being with her boyfriend for 4 many years.
  • They broke up and then he beginning watching another woman.
  • Maggie implemented the thirty day NC guideline perfectly.
  • Considering just how smooth she ended up being with NC the lady ex starting coming back into the photo.
  • They starting flirting and one thing generated another and so they “hooked up”
  • He wouldn’t recommit
  • Maggie doesn’t know what accomplish .
  • She is worried to do the no contact guideline once more because she does not want him working back again to this new girl.

Hmm… the in very a pickle Maggie, aren’t you?

No worries i do believe I could have a solution for you personally.

Everything I Discuss In This Occurrence

  • Maggie did everything correct making use of no get in touch with rule (Kuddos!)
  • The big error Maggie made.
  • The importance of not starting up with somebody until they agree.
  • Various worrying points that Maggie may have to watch out for.
  • Greater And Better Deal
  • Men Desire A Woman Of Higher Value
  • How Maggie Can Re-Obtain Her Appreciate To Her Ex

Essential Links Suggested Contained In This Occurrence

The Bigger And Greater Deal Plan

Within episode I talked-about the necessity of getting greater and much better deal to suit your ex boyfriend.

I mention just how your boyfriend needs to see you that way (as a bigger and much better package.)

Really, as it happens that becoming more substantial and much better deal even offers a relationship to exactly how a lot of importance your. Very, everything you must do Maggie is find a way to re-obtain the worth and that I think i’ve exactly the option to do so.

(should you choose this then you significantly increase your odds of creating your ex sweetheart agree to you.)

Return Back Into No Contact

In order to become the bigger and better offer you initially need to re-assert your own importance.

To carry out this you have to return back into the NC rule.

What exactly are Your Odds Of Getting Your Old Boyfriend Straight Back?

Do the test

Today Leslie, I know you may have fears about him and some other woman but don’t. Return into NC while the guy really does return to this new lady then which cares. You should have adequate self-confidence in you to ultimately realize that he’ll leave this lady for your needs.

Let History Perform Alone (With A Wrinkle)

I really want you to do exactly what you did before.

I really want you to make him or her to the point where the guy desires sleep with you once again.

Now, you shouldn’t you shouldn’t send inappropriate pictures or such a thing such as that merely make use of fliritng abilities.

As he is pressing to “hook upwards” I want you to really make it appear to be you may be kind of engrossed then i really want you to back out during the last-minute without description.

Your own such a tease ???? .

Will he be annoyed at you?

Most Likely.

Will the guy want you more?


Buddy Area Him For Quite

You will find discussed the significance of friend zoning your ex to get price in the eyes.

Really, if there is ever before a period to accomplish this this will be it.

Not much otherwise i will say indeed there.

Lie Down Regulations

As soon as the time is correct the opportunity will occur for when you’re able to “lay down the law” a little bit.

Kindly show your ex partner that the merely want you will ever “hook up” with him is if he totally commits for your requirements and if the guy refuses or skirts the issue simply keep him.

Activities speak louder than words all things considered.

Podcast Transcript

This is Episode 18 associated with
Ex-Boyfriend Healing Podcast
. I’m pleased to perhaps you have right here now. These days we are going to end up being speaking about an interesting scenario. We’re going to hear from a lady called Maggie whom listened to among my personal previous podcasts and realized that she failed to rather do something right along with her ex-boyfriend.

Why don’t we get directly to the question:

What Are Your Odds Of Having Your Old Boyfriend Straight Back?

Do the test

“Hi, Chris. It is my situation. I found myself using my ex for four many years. We split up four months ago. We split caused by decreased interaction. He began watching another girl during this period. It really thus happened that I found myself applying the 30 day no get in touch with guideline during this period. I found myself focusing on me, getting into the very best form of living and having back once again to class. The guy noticed it.

A couple weeks later on, he started texting me personally. We started texting. Ultimately, we connected. I found myself experiencing one of your podcasts about always leaving one hoping much more. Really don’t consider i did so that. I’m questioning whether or not it’s too-late or if i ought to re-implement the no get in touch with guideline. I am afraid that, because this other girl is actually his co-worker, he will go operating back once again to the woman when I disregard him and his messages, if he reaches off to me personally.

It has been a couple weeks of setting up. I don’t know everything I needs to do because the guy however wont re-commit. He helps to keep advising me each one of these items that are perplexing. Exactly what do I Really Do? Thanks A Lot.”

Hi, Maggie. Thanks for leaving this excellent voicemail for my situation to function on podcast. I’m really thrilled to handle your circumstances nowadays. I have been looking forward to a scenario similar to this, where someone performed every little thing right but then installed through its ex when they just weren’t supposed to.

The style of this tv show takes questions from website visitors that come to the web site. I am waiting for a situation in this way for quite some time. I am actually grateful for you here, Maggie. We guarantee you, i will try everything in my own capacity to give you a hand.

I’ll offer common understanding. I quickly’m planning to offer Maggie a casino game policy for how to overcome this. In my opinion i truly have a good idea on her behalf now.

Very first, let’s carry out a quick recap of the woman scenario. She ended up being together with her ex for four years. Four several months before, they separated. I’m not sure just who left just who. It does not matter. Following separation, the guy started seeing another girl. It actually was during this time that Maggie started doing the 30 day no contact rule. It seems like she did it to perfection. She handled by herself. She had gotten inside most readily useful form of the woman life therefore the outcomes shone through. Her ex came back to their, or perhaps wished to return to their.

He began contacting her through texting. Texting turned into teasing. Next flirting turned into starting up, and is a no-no. Sorry, Maggie, but that is a no-no. It has been a couple weeks in addition they’ve been starting up. But the guy don’t re-commit to this lady. She’s worried, if she really does the no contact rule once more, that he’s going to operate back once again to others lady.

First, I want to congratulate you, Maggie, on getting through no get in touch with rule effectively and applying it perfectly. In a sense, it did work. You didn’t proceed with the progression that I would have hoped after the no contact guideline, but that is okay. The no contact rule worked for you.

For listeners that undecided about performing the no contact guideline, it really works. The evidence is within the pudding the following. We now have a live case study example from Maggie. We promise you, I’m going to try everything i will to aid get your ex-boyfriend to re-commit, Maggie.

Before I do that, let’s discuss the mistake, which had been connecting with him. I do want to mention why it actually was an error. The mistake you made ended up being connecting along with your boyfriend when he couldn’t commit to you. I understand. It almost can make things worse if you are carrying out the no contact rule.

This is one of the disadvantages from the no get in touch with rule. It will make circumstances worse on your ex-boyfriend given that it boosts your own interest in him. Past, I mentioned a two-pronged approach with all the no get in touch with guideline in Episode 17. One of several downsides that accompanies the no get in touch with guideline is the fact that, if you are utilizing it using intent when trying to get some one back, it practically increases your feelings on their behalf.

Thirty days is quite a few years for a lot of women. By the time you are carried out with the no get in touch with rule and you’re starting to see some very good results, it’s not hard to get before yourself and let things spiral out of control. That is type how it happened to you here, Maggie.

In an amazing world, you will not have installed with him until he dedicated. That’s an error. I think we can all agree with that. Just why is it a mistake? In my experience, it lowers the importance. I talked-about this inside pals with advantages episode. We’ll connect to that episode in the tv series notes of the episode. Where occurrence, We mentioned worth. It is important that men sees you as a high-value target. The male is hardwired to search for women. Definitely, we should search the girl who is the best price target.

What I’m likely to mention, and exactly what your game plan revolves around Maggie, is something called the larger and much better deal. Guys constantly want the woman who’s greater and much better bargain. It really is your decision in order to become that for him. I am not writing about body, tits or butt. I am making reference to feelings as well as the woman as a whole. Perhaps just how she seems really does issue. It’s more than that. Additionally, it is personality and playing the game. If the guy views a woman who’s a more impressive and much better price than the existing package he’s got today, he is going to be interested in that bargain. Men are only hardwired to hunt. It really is as simple as that.

My personal plan for your family, Maggie, moves particularly around getting more substantial and better price for him. You then become an improved deal he cannot discover anywhere else. It very occurs that being a much bigger and much better bargain coincides with leaving him wanting much more getting a higher importance woman than anyone in the life today.

Before I get to the strategy, i do want to mention something might-be slightly worrying with your ex-boyfriend. Following the separation, he discovered a fresh woman. That is typical for some men. Each goes regarding rebound. Certainly, he does not love this woman because the guy installed along with you. How you structured the question managed to get look that couple hooked up together as he had been dating this different woman.

That’s alarming to me for a couple explanations. I’m not sure if this is correct. I could end up being totally off-base. He may have separated using the brand-new girl first then hooked up to you. Anything informs me it failed to work-out this way. This is certainly scary for me since it implies the guy cheated on their existing girlfriend. I am flashing back into Dr. Phil episodes.

It is never ever a great sign when some guy is actually cheating on their current girl along with you. That is an alarming signal. I’m sure you would like him back, Maggie. You may be laser centered on that certain goal. You desire him back. I understand. But somewhere later on, you will get up one-day and imagine, “Wait, the guy cheated on his gf beside me. What exactly is to stop him from performing the same thing if you ask me?” that is a scary idea.

That thought isn’t going to disappear. It is going to stay-in the human brain, as it took place. It’s not conjecture or un-factual info. Without question. It certainly occurred. You may not manage to deal with that psychologically. Driving a car of this affecting you, of him locating a larger and much better price and cheating you, will remain.

I might tell proceed with extreme caution, Maggie. Really think this through if you prefer him right back or perhaps not. I am not saying that how you feel are missing. I may end up being totally off base here. If the guy performed deceive on his sweetheart with you, i am let’s assume that you are getting it, “i will be thus strong that I made him leave his sweetheart.” But the guy did not leave her in the event that’s correct. That’s a scary idea.

What Are Your Chances of Having Your Old Boyfriend Right Back?

Take the quiz

If you were to get him back, what is to end him from undertaking a similar thing to you? Only keep that in mind whenever’re going forward. Keep in mind that this really is a risk you potentially may deal with in the future in the event you get him straight back. I desired to toss that online individually, Maggie. Hopefully, that can help you make your choice.

Let’s talk about a thing that i am actually thrilled to find yourself in, the online game strategy. My idea will likely be based around becoming a larger and much better price than such a thing online. You made a blunder by hooking up with him. You lost your own value and you wouldn’t leave him wanting much more. You gave up your whole dessert. Instead of just providing him a tiny slice of this meal, you gave him the entire meal. We can not have that. You drop your own value like that.

Immediately, your main concern gets your own importance back. To do that, you do have to go inside no get in touch with guideline. I’m sorry to state this. I know you’re extremely scared he may go back into that lady. But great. Let him work back to that lady. If he is cheating on the, he doesn’t love her and then he doesn’t want her. It seems like, at least at some point, you used to be greater and better price for him.

Again, I offered you my disclaimer using my applying for grants that. What exactly if he works back again to that some other woman? Do have more self-confidence in yourself plus capabilities to impact him. You can get him to exit that woman. You will get him to return for you. That’s the mind-set you ought to embrace.

I am not claiming you are certain to get him right back 100% of times. I cannot actually ever declare that. The thing I will say is, if you have self-confidence in your self, your odds of that happening increases. Get right back into no get in touch with. We’re looking to get the importance right back. Which is important immediately.

Following the no get in touch with guideline, I want you to flirt with him exactly the same manner in which you flirted with him before that made you hook up with him. You will have one huge difference this time around. You aren’t attending hook-up with him. Think about that. You’re not attending hook up with him. You will be a tease. You will generate him crazy. You are going to lead him on slightly. Then you certainly’re not browsing connect with him. You will get your self out completely.

Let us use the dessert example. You are showing him the entire meal. You are stating, “arrive just take a bite.” While he takes one step ahead and another step of progress, you completely toss the cake out. That’s what you’re performing here. You’re going to get your own value right back. You may not merely keep him wishing more, you’ll keep him wanting the whole meal. There is something compared to that.

There’s even more you need to carry out. You must understand this particular will make him crazy, however it will additionally raise your price. He may state, “never ever keep in touch with myself once again.” Somewhat later on, it’s extremely most likely which he can come straight back desiring more dessert. At this time, when he really does return hoping more cake, pal area him. I mentioned this for the buddy area episode. I am going to backlink to that in program records within this episode. Then you can tune in to can learn how to associate zone men.

Following the friend area, I want you to lie down legislation. Following the pal area, you’ll end up sufficient worth for him. You’re going to be the bigger and better price. Everything you’ve done we have found keep no contact. I have talked-about the no contact guideline within the last few occurrence. That was Episode 17. we’ll have a hyperlink for that in the tv show notes with this event.

After the no contact, you’re flirt with him just the means you did before to create him would like you in a sexual fashion. Then you definitelywill take that away from him. You allow him wanting much more. He will be upset but he can desire much more. He will probably come back for much more, more than likely. After that, as he does come back for much more, you’re friend area him. Do stuff that make him feel like he’s inside the pal zone.

Now you’ve placed him capable where he consistently has to pursue you. You have become an increased importance target for him. There is something strong in performing that. After you have completed these exact things, you need to lay down regulations and show him your best way that you’ll previously date him is when he is devoted to you entirely. If the guy provides you with any run-around, state, “Okay, good. We shall never be collectively.” Do this.

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